About the Artist


Sheila Ticen spent time growing up in the wine country of northern California as well as in the remote red rock country of southern Utah.  After high school, Sheila worked in bookkeeping and accounting, taking night classes through the local community college in both business and art.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Concentration in Painting degree from Sonoma State University in 2006.  While at Sonoma State, she studied both oil painting and printmaking, and continues to develop work in each medium. 

Sheila’s work has been shown in local, regional and national juried art exhibits.  She and her husband, Scott, live in the Napa Valley, where Sheila is a member of the Saint Helena Painters’ Guild and at times participates in Open Studios Napa Valley.

  Artist Statement
My paintings are about the quiet beauty of the here and now.  I deeply appreciate the natural beauty surrounding my home in the Napa Valley and the variety and richness of the nearby areas.  I like to take notice of and call attention to the everyday sort of beauty that often goes unnoticed.

My recent work is quite intimate in scale and often in subject matter as well.  Still life paintings often come from taking whatever is near at hand into the studio and setting up a still life.  Familiar items that have found their way into my paintings include a handful off flowers from my yard, the mug I picked up at a local thrift store and my favorite dish towel.  Most of my recent landscape paintings also feature familiar terrain, the side streets and back lanes around my home town, which is Saint Helena.